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We set up a fence around an area you want to be cleared of invasive plants. The goats will happily spend their days eating the plants you don't want!

Managing invasive or aggressive plants without the environmental impact.

What is Targeted Grazing?

The all-natural way to manage weeds and invasive plants on your property. The plants you don't want in an area are food for the goats!

Why Goats?

Goats are ruminant mammals that eat plants for fuel. They meticulously eat leaves, stripping problem plants bare. Goats do not need gas, hardly make any noise, and are fun to watch!

Goats will eat Poison ivy, buckthorn, honey suckle, Multiflora rose most hardwood trees, and much more. Goats are a natural, effective way to deal with problem plants.

Types of Vegetation Goats will Eat.

Goats will graze and browse; poison ivy, Japanese knotweed, buckthorn, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, most hardwood trees, and much more!

Getting Started

We start our prices around $500 but it will depend on how big the job is. Apply for a quote using the button below and we will get back to you with a closer estimate for your property!

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