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Not Sure If You Need Goats?


What does your land look like?

The most important two things to ask yourself are:

  • What does your land look like now?

  • How do you want it to look in the end?

    We work mostly with goats but there are a few different kinds of animals that work on different terrains and vegetation. It is important to know what animal is good for what terrain to get a better idea of the results you may end up with when hiring any landscaping animals.


Grazers are herbivores that feed on grass and other low-lying vegetation.

Among our herd, we have sheep that primarily graze on low-lying plants, including grass, parsnips, dandelion, bittersweet vine, poison ivy, and various other leafy plants. Although they occasionally browse, their preference is to graze. These sheep are skilled at maintaining vegetation by clipping it without causing extensive damage.


Browsers are herbivores that feed on mainly non-grass vegetation or high-growing woody vegetation such as trees, shrubs, and soft shoots.

Goats are primarily browsers, in contrast to sheep, and they typically prefer broad-leaf woody vegetation. However, they will also graze on low-lying grasses and various other plants. Goats are especially well-suited for consuming prickly vegetation like raspberries, blackberries, multiflora rose, Hawthorne, and black locust, which are among their favorite foods. They are highly mobile animals and can traverse almost any type of terrain in their quest for food, although they may occasionally require assistance when reaching higher vegetation, such as trees. Goats are particularly fond of brush and enjoy climbing rocks, making them ideal for maintaining areas on your property that are difficult to access, such as drainage ditches and stonewalls.



Rooters are animals that tear up terrain including everything from roots to live plants.

Depending on the duration of time you leave a pig in a particular area, the results can range from light tilling to the complete clearing of nearly all small plants, leaving only soil behind. Pigs are effective at uprooting vegetation, but they require supplementary feeding with grain and unwanted leftovers to supplement their foraging. It's important to note that pigs are best suited for flatter, less rocky areas to ensure they can move around easily.

What Are the Results?

Learn more about what to expect  when choosing goats.

How Much Will It Cost?

Learn more about what all goes into the pricing and cost of labor.

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