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How Much Will Goats Cost?

A small, simple pasture located in Farmington will start around $500.
But, it all depends on your specific situation. Read on to see what we consider for pricing or get a quote from us, specified to your land.

What are your desired results?

Plant eradication will take multiple seasons.

So, if you are targeting to completely clear an area to grass, it is possible but patience is necessary.

What do you want to grow there?

Goats can and will eat all sorts of brush and trees but sometimes need a little help getting to them. It is important to know exactly what you are planning on growing so we know if we need to prepare more or less for the specified area.

What are your future plans for the area?

If you are looking for just some management of brush or pasture it can be a great short-term option to keep things back. If you want your land completely cleared that may take some more effort and patience depending on vegetation, area, and growing seasons.

Site Prep

  •  Site prep allows for the livestock to be most effective
  • Livestock are not effective against large trees or thick vines, so the vegetation usually needs to be cut and burned or chipped

Set Up and Fence Prep

  • An alley needs to be cleared before animals arrive on site for the fence
  • In a field minimal fence prep is needed
  • If the selected area is big, fence moves may be necessary to treat all affected areas

Man and Goat Hours

It's all a team effort to get you the results your looking for.

We wish all we had to do was set some goats free and let them do all the work for us. Unfortunately, they still need quite a bit of help to get going. Our team is specially equipped to chip, fence, move, and herd so that the goats can do their thing, stay healthy, and get you exactly where you want.

What Are the Results?

Learn more about what to expect  when choosing goats.

Do I Need Goats?

Learn more about wether or not goats are what will fit your needs.

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