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What are the results?

Soil Benefits

  •  Increased carbon and nitrogen cycles
  • Increased water infiltration
  • Increased soil fertility

Potential Outcomes

  • Pasture improvements
  • Invasive management
  • Create a pasture
  • Create agro-forestry (oak savanna)

What can this look like over time with consistent treatments?

Let's take a look at this rock wall overgrown with some multiflora rose in the first growing season...

Here we have some thorny rose bushes, some thorny sprouts popping up with maybe with a couple other plants and grasses in between all the rocks.

Second growing season

This season the roses are still growing but are kept back and manageable as they struggle to return to the condition they were in before.

Third to fourth growing season

Now the roses are completely gone and grass begins to emerge from where they used to grow. Small sprouts of rose still manage to push through but they are significantly more sparse than before.

Fourth to fifth growing season

Finally, all the thorny roses are gone and you are left with a clean rock wall and a grass pasture. The brush is completely removed and now you are left with fertile soil you can continue as a lawn or landscape however you desire.

How Much Will It Cost?

Learn more about what all goes into the pricing and cost of labor.

Do I Need Goats?

Learn more about wether or not goats are what will fit your needs.

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