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Benefits of Targeted Grazing

There are only a few effective ways to manage aggressive species of plants: grazing, mowing/brush hogging (mechanical), and spraying chemicals.  Over time, mechanical removal and/or spraying (using fuel/herbicide) can degrade a landscape and be harmful to the ecosystem.

On the other hand, grazing (ruminate) animals, such as goats, cows, and sheep, do not need gasoline or harsh chemicals to make a difference! They add nitrogen and nutrients back into the soil and can improve the landscape as long as they are not confined in one place for too long. These animals have the ability to use the very plants that are causing you problems as their fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Results?

Learn more about what to expect  when choosing goats.

How Much Will It Cost?

Learn more about what all goes into the pricing and cost of labor.

Do I Need Goats?

Learn more about wether or not goats are what will fit your needs.

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